Research finds texting bans save lives, particularly teens: Impact in NY


Texting and driving bans save lives, according to a new study. This study offers support for New York's texting bans and reminds those who are injured in these accidents that they are victims of a crime.


The idea of texting while driving increasing the risk of an accident is not a novel one. Most people understand that taking the time to focus on a phone while driving is not just a bad idea, but a dangerous one. A variety of scientific studies support this notion, and the most recent has found that certain age groups are more likely than others to benefit from putting down their phones.


This study, out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health and published in the American Journal of Public Health, is bringing new support to texting bans. According to the researchers with the study, texting bans save lives. A report in The Washington Post notes that the study found a 2.3 percent reduction in traffic fatalities for all drivers and can lead to an 11 percent reduction in fatalities connected to car accidents for teens.


More information on the study


The study focused on data from the continental U.S. from the past 11 years. Researchers adjusted their findings to account for other factors that could reduce crash risk. Some examples included areas with high gas prices or a higher unemployment rate in an area, as these factors could translate to fewer drivers on the roads.


In addition to finding a reduction in deaths connected to car crashes in states that have these bans, the study also found primary bans were most effective. These bans allow officers to issue tickets simply for texting; no other offenses are required to justify a traffic stop.


New York texting laws


Texting bans are used in New York. It is illegal for anyone in New York to use a hand-held mobile device while operating a motor vehicle. Those who violate this law face a minimum fine of $50 and are issued three to five driver violation points. Penalties generally increase in severity for probationary drivers and those with commercial licenses.


These penalties are designed not just to punish offenders who violate the law, but also to encourage drivers to focus on the road while driving. Distractions like using a smartphone to send or receive a text can lead to tragic accidents. Those who are injured in these accidents are likely eligible to receive compensation. This could help cover the high cost of rehabilitation, medical treatment and other bills associated with injuries as well as lost wages due to missed work.


If you are injured in a distracted driving accident, contact an experienced car wreck lawyer. This legal professional will review the details of your case and work to better ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.


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