100% Real Cheese - Maybe it's just 100% Pure Bull?

100% Real Cheese - Maybe it's just 100% Pure Bull?

McDonalds Corporation likes to use the number 100% in a lot of their advertising. After all, who doesn't remember all their advertising slogans over the years claiming their 100% all beef hamburger patties? Before you get too sure of yourself though, you might want to take a peek at a recent court case that was brought against McDonalds in California; the court case claims that McDonalds new item, mozzarella sticks, were not made of "100% real cheese" as the company stated in its advertising.


The suit is being brought forth in Riverside, California. It states that a study showed that McDonalds mozzarella sticks were composed of a small amount of starch (3.76%) as opposed to being 100% made of mozzarella cheese. That is probably not enough for most of us to complain about, but it was reason enough for the suit's main plaintiff, Chris Howe, to seek upwards of 5 million dollars in damages. The suit claims the McDonalds Corporation is using false advertising to sell its product.


Apparently there are strict rules for mozzarella cheese content that most of us were not aware of. The suits claims that if you have 3.76% of a starchy substance in your mozzarella cheese, you are in direct violation of the federal standards that are used to identify what constitutes "real mozzarella cheese". While other fillers may in some cases be acceptable, it appears starch is not. Howe says the reason for the filler use is "self-evident". Howe claims it was to "save money and increase profits by fooling consumers".


This once again puts McDonalds on the defensive over one of its newest products. They have already been taking some hits on social media over the mozzarella cheese sticks being served without ANY cheese in the Midwest. This is a claim that McDonalds admits, but they said the mozzarella sticks were simply overcooked and the cheese melted out. The McDonalds representative went on to state that it was the individual restaurants fault for serving them that way.


In the mean time, you might need to stick to the hamburgers instead.