Newburgh Intellectual Property Lawyers

You can’t physically touch some of your most valuable business assets.  The logo customers see and immediately think of your company.  That catchy slogan on your website or the side of your delivery truck.  The special, in-house work process you created to better deliver services to your clients.  A computer program you wrote.  The very name of your company.  These are all forms of intellectual property, or “IP”.  IP can be a brand-building tool, like trade and service marks, establishing you as the source of goods and services for your customers and distinguishing you from competitors.  IP can also be the actual goods you (and only you, if your IP is properly protected) sell.  You invested time, effort and expense in developing your IP.  It needs protecting, just like the rest of your property.


Our IP attorneys help clients in obtaining, maintaining and enforcing their IP rights.  We register your trade and service marks and copyrights with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.  This includes maintaining and ensuring your continued exclusive right to use and sell your marks and copyrights.  Drafting terms and conditions, as well as licensing, non-disclosure and proprietary-rights agreements, enables our clients to further use, market and increase the profitability of their IP.


We also take action protecting our client’s IP against infringing competitors unfairly using your IP for their businesses. This may include employees and others misappropriating your trade secrets, defending you against unfair competition, covenants not to compete and other disputes regarding your IP rights.  Our IP attorneys also address “cybersquatting”, domain-name acquisition and protecting your IP in the ever more important online space.  We frequently issue cease and desist letters demanding that third-parties stop infringing on your IP and can respond on your behalf should you receive such a letter.